News / Bulletins from the Executive Director of CATA, Duncan Onduru









This year's Conference

Most of the presentations delivered at the Conference in Gaborone, which concluded on 14 November, are now available for download from the Members area.  Further documents and video will be added as they are received.  Photos will be uploaded to the Photo Gallery, and will in due course be incorporated into a slide show which will run on the "About" page.

A full report on the Conference proceedings will appear on this page shortly.



Conference documents

31 Country Background papers are now available for download from the Members area, including one from Malawi added today.


Flight details

Delegates to the Conference who haven't done so already are asked to provide their flight details immediately to the Local Organising Committee.


Conference Programme finalised

The full Conference Programme is now available for download from the Members area.  This contains individual programmes for the Opening Ceremony, the Technical Sessions, the Excursion (on 12 November) and the special activities arranged for spouses. It also details the composition of the Syndicate Groups and provides guidelines about the way in which their work and other aspects of the Conference will be conducted.

Delegates are reminded that the Members area also contains all of the country Background Papers received to date and full biographies of the Presenters.

Ebola advisory

All delegates to the Conference in Botswana are asked to read the following Ebola advisory, which has been prepared in consultation with the local organising committee and the Botswana health authorities. Any further advice on this subject which is received in the run up to the Conference will be published immediately here. 

Ebola Advisory




Updates on the Conference preparations

โœˆ๏ธ The organising committee in Gaborone has today launched a web site dedicated to the upcoming Conference.  Click here to visit the Conference site.

๐Ÿ“• 27 Country Background papers are now available to download from the Members area, including two from Lesotho that were uploaded today. 

๐Ÿ›€ If you have registered for the Conference but haven't yet booked hotel accommodation in Gaborone please do so immediately, using the booking form which can be downloaded from the Members area.