Malaysia Conference, 2003




Management Committee Meeting 





Upcoming events

                                                              CATA events for 2016

Commonwealth Day                                                             29 March                                         London

Management Committee Meeting




CATA/Global Tax Policy Centre Workshop on Cooperative Compliance


12 - 13 April





 14 - 15 April







Vienna University


Achieving Leadership Potential Course - online phase

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beginning Mid April Online

Commonealth Tax Auditors Course -online phase

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beginning Mid April


Taxation of International Transactions Course

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9- 27 May                                  Selangor, Malaysia
Achieving Leadership Potential Course -residential phase 25 July - 2 September                     London
Commonealth Tax Auditors Course -residential phase 25 July - 2 September                   


Tax Workshop for Caribbean countries 3 - 6 October Georgetown, Guyana
Commonwealth Ministers of Finance Meeting 6 - 7 October Washington DC, USA 
37th Technical Conference 7-11 November Bridgetown, Barbados
Management Committee Meeting                                           10 November  (during Conference)Bridgetown, Barbados